Dr. Mahmoud is an expert professional adviser who works with his firms' clients to help them achieve compliance, advising on how they might organize their financial reporting processes and helping ensure that accounting operations match the objectives of their businesses.

Will & Trusts

One of his practice areas is to record trust transactions and prepares financial statements that comply with trust agreements, regulatory guidelines, industry practices and accounting principles. He also ensures that financial recording processes of a trust are adequate and effective.

Auditing & Bookkeeping

Another practice area of Dr. Mahmoud is to compute, classify, and record numerical data to keep financial records complete. Perform any combination of routine calculating, posting, and verifying duties to obtain primary financial data for use in maintaining accounting records. He also check the accuracy of figures, calculations, and postings pertaining to business transactions recorded by other workers.

Accounting Software

AASC uses DARTECH Development Accounting Resource Technology software, this is accounting software developed and maintained by Development Institute for Science and Computer (DISC). This software allows the user to pre-define the most commonly used documents and entries, thus reducing input time while creating real time data. DARTECH is made to suit business needs.

Entity Selection

He is also doing decisions in choosing the type of entity in business. There are many factors that can determine the entity of a company, and as an experienced professional in entity selection services, he helps companies and business endeavors in choosing company entities.

Cash & Finance Management

He's practice area covers also an efficient management of cash in a business in order to put the cash to work more quickly and to keep the cash in applications that produce income, such as the use of lock boxes for payments.

Wealth Management Expert

As an investment-advisory discipline incorporates financial planning, investment portfolio management and a number of aggregated financial services.


Arbitration is often used for the resolution of commercial disputes, particularly in the context of international commercial transactions. The use of arbitration is also frequently employed in consumer and employment matters, where arbitration may be mandated by the terms of employment or commercial contracts.

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is an evaluation and analysis of the potential of the proposed project which is based on extensive investigation and research to support the process of decision making.

Anti-Money Laundering Consultant

Money laundering is the process of concealing the source of large amounts of money that have been gained through illegitimate means. Money evidently gained through crime is "dirty" money, and money that has been "laundered" to appear as if it came from a legitimate source is "clean" money. Money can be laundered by many methods, which vary in complexity and sophistication.

Anti-Corruption Consultant

Dr. Mahmoud is an anti-corruption consultant. In philosophical, theological, or moral discussions, corruption is spiritual or moral impurity or deviation from an ideal. Corruption may include many activities including bribery and embezzlement. Government, or 'political', corruption occurs when an office-holder or other governmental employee acts in an official capacity for his or her own personal gains.


A typical conveyancing transaction contains two major landmarks: the exchange of contracts (whereby equitable title passes) and completion (whereby legal title passes). Conveyancing occurs in three stages: before contract, before completion and after completion. A buyer of real property must ensure that he or she obtains a good and marketable 'title' to the land; i.e., that the seller is the owner, has the right to sell the property, and there is no factor which would impede a mortgage or re-sale.

Tax & Customs Formula

A means by which governments finance their expenditure by imposing charges on citizens and corporate entities. Governments use taxation to encourage or discourage certain economic decisions.


In a company, payroll is the sum of all financial records of salaries for an employee, wages, bonuses and deductions. In accounting, payroll refers to the amount paid to employees for services they provided during a certain period of time. Payroll plays a major role in a company for several reasons.


In law, liquidation is the process by which a company (or part of a company) is brought to an end, and the assets and property of the company redistributed. Liquidation is also sometimes referred to as winding-up or dissolution, although dissolution technically refers to the last stage of liquidation.

Housing Law & Finance

It combines a highly analytic academic core with tailor-made practical applications derived from continuing collaboration with professional and regulatory organisations. The degree should particularly appeal to those with a legal background seeking to advance a career in Corporate Law, Corporate Finance or Regulation.

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