I. Member of Executive Committee to approve Financing transaction ( representing board members of Islamic Finance Company ( PJSC))

Responsibilities - Core Business

     •   Assessing the market risk, International economic factors, Critical success factors in relation with Political, Economic, social and Technological factor.
     •  Assessing financial market and respective profit rates that could materially affect the value of financial instruments of the company.
     •  Frequent meeting with Sharia Board to share the views and updates on sharia compliances.
     •  Managing and maintaining financing portfolio based on assessed risk
     •  Managing and maintain investment portfolio.
     •  Maintain the risk profile at low level to keep the optimum profitability of the company.
     •  Provide different methodologies to board members to explore market potential
     •  Provide recommendations on management decision and basis to explore the market.
     •  Provide basis for budget preparation and respective achievements
     •  Review of achievement of budget in prorate and set targets for the same
     •  Maintain and manage the cash flows of the company and keep forum open for opportunities
     •  Review of financial statements and perform variance analysis
     •  Manage all legal and compliance issues of the company
     •  Manage to provide key central bank requirements
     •  Methodology for advertisement campaign to make it effectively for company's core activities.
     •  Joint signatory for transfer of funds to Ministry of Finance and Economic department.

Ancillary Business

     •   Maintain and manage terms with key prestigious UAE government personal to get benefit for providing additional services and increase the profit portfolio of the company.
     •   Maintaining and managing business opportunities with all UAE ministries, Economic department and other key institutions.
     •   Negotiate with financial institution to get direct and indirect benefits for the company.
     •   Manage to maintain the future cash flows through ancillary business to main core business of the company.
     •   Provide opportunity to other prestigious organizations to explore the market with association of our company and excel their growth.

Board member of Ministry of Labor affiliated associated companies of Islamic Finance Company ( PJSC)

     •  Negotiate the terms and basis of acquisition
     •  Maintain relation with highly prestigious related personalities
     •  Review and provide financial and operational recommendation
     •  Review and periodical assessment of key factors of operational system design
     •  Manage effective reporting to management for key decisions
     •  Review and recommend key cost analysis factors to optimize the profitability.
     •  Joint signatory for all bank payments of associated companies.

Board member of associate company EHDC - Saudi German Hospital ( representing board members of Islamic Finance Company ( PJSC))

     •  Provide synergies for business communications to the management of the company.
     •  Recommend and review financial policies.

Leading credit committee member of Islamic Finance Company ( PJSC)

     •  Provide synergies for business communications, operation and recommendation to the management of the company and all heads of department.
     •  Recommend to device new policy and amendment of policy based on market sentimental
     •  Provide bridging facility to operational management to keep decision in line with strategic management.

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